Data and Algorithms in Critical Aging Studies

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Workshop Title:

Data and Algorithms in Critical Aging Studies


Unmil Karadkar, Ulla Kriebernegg, Kim Sawchuk, Sakari Taipale, Loredana Ivan

Time (in JST and UTC):

July 25 17:00-20:30 (JST)

July 25 8:00-11:30 (UTC)


Ever-increasing data collection through mobile services, online communications, embedded and worn sensors, social media platforms, and digitization is affecting the experience of aging as well as that of caring for an older population. The data generated is algorithmically processed by corporate, governmental, individual, and non-governmental actors to shape the experiences, services, and opportunities available to an increasingly aging population. This workshop will invite participation from scholars who are studying the interplay between aging and digital technologies using humanistic and social science methods, which recognize that neither data nor algorithms are neutral or objective.

Aim of the workshop/tutorial:

This workshop aims to bring together scholars applying humanistic and social science methods to study the intersection of aging and data in order to:

  • develop an international, interdisciplinary, inter-generational community

  • showcase the current work at this intersection

  • provide an safe, supportive space to present and get feedback on emerging directions and nascent efforts


Session 1 (90 min):

  • Welcome from the organizers and setting goals

  • Introduction to Aging in Data -- Presentations from submissions

Session 2 (90 min)

  • Presentations from submissions

  • Introduction of non-presenting attendees (collaborative document)

  • Group discussion – how to sustain this conversation, future activities, synergistic events and initiatives shared by attendees