Ugarit: Translation Alignment Technologies for Under-resourced Languages

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Ugarit: Translation Alignment Technologies for Under-resourced Languages


Chiara Palladino, Nadia Kanagawa, Tariq Yousef, Farnoosh Shamsian

Time (in JST and UTC):

July 25 22:00-July 26 1:30 (JST)

July 25 13:00-16:30 (UTC)

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This workshop will focus on the creation and use of Translation Alignment Technologies for low-resourced and historical languages. It will include a hands-on tutorial of Ugarit, a Digital Humanities tool used to create interactive aligned texts, and explore the various ways in which they can be used in research and language teaching. The workshop welcomes anybody working on ancient texts, translation studies, lexical studies, NLP and Computational Linguistics. No prior Digital Humanities expertise is required, but we encourage participants to bring their own corpus.

Aim of the workshop/tutorial:

The workshop aims at teaching the fundamentals of Translation Alignment in Digital Humanities and NLP from the theoretical standpoint. Participants will also gain first-hand experience of the challenge of performing translation alignment in a digital environment, and discuss how they may use it for their own purposes, such as language teaching or research.


Brief Introduction to Translation Alignment in Digital Humanities; Available tools to perform Translation Alignment in historical and low-resourced languages; Ugarit demo and hands-on tutorial; discussion.