Writing a multilayered article for the Journal of Digital History

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Writing a multilayered article for the Journal of Digital History


Frédéric Clavert, Elisabeth Guérard

Time (in JST and UTC):

July 25 21:00-July 26 0:30 (JST)

July25 12:00-15:30 (UTC)

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The first issue of the Journal of Digital History (JDH) went out in October 2021. It implements the concept of multilayered articles. This implementation is based on a specifically designed infrastructure based on open source software, with Jupyter notebooks at its heart. JDH’s articles are composed of three layers: a narrative layer (the results of a research), an hermeneutic layer (methodologies, digital tools and code), and a data layer (the dataset). The tutorial will last 4 hours and will be divided into two parts. The first part will show the attendees how to set up their writing environment.

Aim of the workshop/tutorial:

The learning outcomes will be:

  • understanding the concept of multilayered article,

  • setting up a writing environment that allows interaction with a dataset through code,

  • testing their article in the JDH viewer.

Beyond the use of the Journal of Digital History, we aim at showing concretely an alternative way to publish in the digital era, a topic that is fully belonging to Digital Humanities.


What is the Journal of Digital History. Setting up your writing environment. Understanding notebooks. The JDH's guidelines. Syncing your notebook with github. Using Zotero with notebooks. Writing and visualizing your article.